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Overarching goals

  • UBS Arena intends on being carbon neutral for operations by 2024 or sooner.
    • By doing so, UBS Arena will be the first arena to do this on the eastern seaboard.
  • UBS Arena encourages the use of mass transit and carpooling.
    • The arena will have a rideshare drop-off/pick up area, an MTA bus stop, and multiple LIRR stations available to access the campus.
  • The arena campus shuttles on site from the parking lots will soon be electric.
  • The arena is on track to be LEED Certified.
  • UBS Arena has a LEED-certified green integrated pest management plan & green cleaning policy.


  • The arena uses occupancy sensor technology to ensure that lights within the building are off when unused.
  • The arena is lit 100% by LED lighting.
  • Appliances within the building are Energy Star Efficient.
  • The arena uses electric Olympia ice resurfacers.

Water conservation

  • UBS Arena reduces water consumption by 40% as standard to other buildings of its size for typical use by using low flow plumbing.